A winning and dynamic team

We are a team of young and dynamic people, born, grown up and living in Trieste.


On Wheel team

We are a team of young and dynamic people, born, grown up and living today in Trieste. We all lived outside Trieste at different moments in our lives, working for larger corporations on international projects, but we all came back sooner or later, and decided to establish our business in this wonderful town!
We all love this town so much that we want you to discover it, its hidden beauties and secret gems.

We’re sure you’ll be amazed by the beauties of Trieste, and share with us the love we have for this city!


Michele – Founder

Michele is a self made entrepreneur, who created several companies. He started a successful entrepreneur career in London, and then came back to Trieste to establish his family in his hometown.


Luca – Founder

Born in Trieste, Luca moved to Milan when he was 18 to finish his studies. He then lived several years abroad in Paris, only to finally come back to his hometown, and started this business, to let other people discover the fascinating Trieste.


Maja – Consultant

Grown up in Trieste, born in Croatia, Maja is a destination manager and worked as managing director of a destination management organization in Sicily, Milan and Veneto Region. She works as a consultant in communication and marketing for Tourism Experience.


Giulia – Consultant

Born in Trieste, Giulia is a licensed tour guide with a deep knowledge of the city’s cultural and historical background. Giulia has designed the content of all the tours we propose. You will hear her soft voice throughout our interactive tour guides.